Yuasa 12V 3.2Ah


Y3.2-12 Yuasa Yucel 12v 3.2Ah Lead Acid Battery

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  • Voltage : 12v
  • Capacity : 3.2ah
  • Weight : 1.2kg
  • Dimensions : 134mm x 67mm x 64mm
  • Yuasa Yucel Y3.2-12, 12v 3.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Terminals : 4.8mm / 0.187″ Wide Male Spade Connection
  • Battery Type: Standby battery
  • Can be used to replace: Y2.8-12, NP2.8-12, NPG2.8-12, NP2.6-12, NP3.2-12, y3.2-1
  • Assured capacity
  • Yuasa quality guarantee
  • VDS certification
  • Conforms to the Standard Commercial 3-5 year Eurobat Classification

Great for standby and light cyclic uses such as Fire and security systems, Emergency lighting, Solar and wind applications, UPS, Toys