ABUS 787 BIG Key Safe


The ABUS 787 BIG Key Garage, while maintaining the standard 787’s size, offers a larger storage capacity for keys and small items. Equipped with a 4-digit combination lock, this model can accommodate up to 30 keys or 50 cards, featuring a removable hook for key bunches. Encased in solid metal with a protective plastic cover, the 787 BIG is suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor use, ideal for temporarily securing valuables or keys.

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Large Key Safe

The durable and reliable ABUS 787 BIG Key Garage is the perfect solution for keeping your keys and small items secure. Its spacious interior allows for convenient storage of up to 30 keys or 50 cards, giving you ample space to organize your belongings. The 4-digit combination lock ensures that your items are safely stored, providing you with peace of mind.

With its removable hook for key bunches, you can easily access and manage your keys with ease. The solid metal construction of the 787 BIG, coupled with a protective plastic cover, makes it sturdy and resilient against potential wear and tear. Whether you need to secure valuables indoors or in a sheltered outdoor environment, this key garage is designed to meet your needs effectively.

Keep your keys and small items protected and organized with the ABUS 787 BIG Key Garage, a practical and secure storage solution for your convenience.


Protective cover with sliding mechanism

Solid metal housing and cover made of zinc die-cast

4 digit, individually resettable code

Wall fixing system

Flat inner mechanism implies a larger storage space as well

Clip-in hooks which can easily be taken out and provide a greater ease of use for the end consumer