ABUS 767 Wall Mounted Key Safe


The ABUS Key Garage is a neat way to securely store keys and other small items. The large internal space means secure shared access to your house keys, car keys and more.

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Wall Mounted Key Safe

With a durable metal construction and a weatherproof design, the ABUS Key Garage offers peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. The easy-to-use push-button combination lock ensures convenient entry for authorized users while keeping unwanted visitors at bay. Whether it’s for welcoming guests, providing access to service personnel, or simply as a backup for those forgetful moments, this key safe is a reliable and versatile storage option. Say goodbye to hiding keys under doormats or flowerpots and hello to a more organized and secure way of managing access to your property.


Steel body and backplate

Protective dust cover

Hinged drop down door

Push button mechanism

Wall mounted

Stores up to 17 keys